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Our top five reasons why you should have a wedding film.

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There are so many little things that add to the overall cost of your wedding, so is adding the cost of having a wedding video really worth it?


As crazy as it sounds, we ended up not getting one for our wedding!! The reason behind our decision was that we looked into wedding videographer's at the time (this is 7 years ago now) and didn't feel comfortable with anyone out there as it seemed like they just wanted to make it into a big production that was lengthy and boring to watch and we didn't want that.


In hind-sight, we REALLY regret not getting a wedding video for many reasons, but here are our top five...


1. Our photos didn't turn out that great  (in fact they are in a box hidden in a cupboard somewhere)


2. We wish we could hear our speeches and vows again!


3. I would love to be able to relive the crazy antics our guests got up to on the dance floor after a few too many, something which can't be done with still images!!


4. I love watching the short wedding films that can be easily shared online and wish that we could have had the same for our wedding.


5. Nothing can capture the emotions of the day like live action. Our day went by so fast that we barely remember it but to be able to sit down and relive that moment again and watch it all play out would be an amazing blessing.


So, not wanting other couples to go through the same anguish we have done, we decided to start up our own wedding video business! As wedding videographers, our aim is to make sure it is all about you and your guests, not us! We try and stay out of the way as much as possible. Most couples have no idea we are even there by the end of the night and are surprised when we say goodbye.


In every package, we also include a 5 minute highlight film that is timed to music and uploaded online so you can easily share the best bits of your wedding with your friends and family and not force them to sit through a lengthy video.


So, if you are in two minds about having a videographer at your wedding, we would definitely suggest getting one just based on our own personal experience.




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